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Icons of one sort or another

50 Icons space is not nearly enough for all the fantastic (to borrow The Doctor's word) avatars (to borrow someone else's) my new fandom lets me find. Just look at this one, e.g.! Such a pity I only found out about the Permanent Account Auction when it was all over and done with...I could have had space for a hundred! There's nothing for it, though: the last of the Spikes will have to go, too.

And freakspawn: you have so got to come over next February (or me come over to the UK again)! Why? Because Depeche Mode will be playing Rotterdam! And you probably knew all this way before I did

07.02.06 Rotterdam - Ahoy
11.02.06 Manchester - MEN Arena
13.02.06 Dublin - The Point
15.02.06 Birmingham - NEC
16.02.06 London - Wembley Arena
17.02.06 London - Wembley Arena

ETA: ^some people's idea of a joke.
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