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As expected, I missed tonight last night's Doctor Who, but funnily enough did get my Christopher Eccleston fix while idly flicking through the channels when I got home. He was in a film with Renée Zellweger, called A Price Above Rubies, a very sympathetic and beautiful film following a Hasidic woman's journey to emancipation, or simply finding her place in the world, I don't know. I'd missed the first 20 minutes but I stayed on the channel because I saw a face that I thought looked familiar, even if the accent wasn't. Hee. Christopher Eccleston looks very good in a beard, and in a hat, and in a suit. Unfortunately, in this film, he's not really a very nice man, and although he wears his tzitzis punctiliously, he doesn't seem to take much notice of the Commandments they are supposed to remind him of. Bad, bad Sender Horowitz! Luckily, Sonia (RZ) gets the better of him in the end.

Right. Found out that my nephew Mick's on LJ, too. Was quite surprised by that, really...also, because he keeps it in English...or kept rather, because he hasn't updated in a while. I couldn't resist taking a peek -- and now I wish I hadn't. It felt like prying. Why didn't he friends-lock? Poor, unhappy boy...Should I leave a message? That'll really freak him out! Or maybe not...

Best go see if I can d/l The Doctor from somewhere.
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