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6 Songs meme

Just when I thought it was safe to come out, tori_x tagged me, and now I must list my six favourite songs of the moment. Unfortunately, I don't have even one that I can name -- I never listen to the radio, and gave up on MTV and Top of the Pops years ago.

So, I decided to give it a twist -- here are six songs chosen at almost-random:

No Milk Today -- Herman's Hermits

This is one of the first songs I remember hearing as a child -- and for some reason, whenever I hear it, I'm immediately transported back into my seat in my father's car, going past particular buildings and eagerly anticipating coming home in a minute...

Bohemian Rhapsody -- Queen

In the 70s, my sister and I were Queen-fans. Queen were the first band either of us ever saw in concert, and for several years, we travelled everywhere to see them and meet with other fans in the Benelux and Germany. In 1975, Bohemian Rhapsody created quite a stir; and we suddenly found that we were considered cool kids at school, whereas before, we hadn't been. To this day, my sister still counts herself a Queen-fan.

Anarchy in the UK -- The Sex Pistols

1977, and punk arrived in The Hague. I remember seeing my first punk person pass by in the street one day -- he had on a pair of jeans, ripped to let his arse hang out; and spiked hair half of which was blond and half green. The shopping public stood and stared. I was most impressed, and ran off to buy myself a copy of the newly released Never Mind The Bollocks. The next day, I tore up my T-shirts...oh yes, I've always been a dedicated follower of fashion!

The First Cut Is The Deepest -- Rod Stewart

Playing truant, I could usually be found in a certain coffee shop nearby, where my friends and I liked to hang out. They served slemp and toasted cheese sandwiches, but the main attraction was the pinball machine. I was highest scorer two years in a row; and in all that time, we only ever played 2 songs on the jukebox: either All Or Nothing by The Small Faces, or Rod Stewart's interpretation of the classic The First Cut Is The Deepest.

A Forest -- The Cure

The first time I heard this song, it packed a punch I couldn't believe. At the time, there weren't that many songs around that had such a long intro; and there weren't that many bands around who could actually play melodically. The driving drums and guitars, and Robert Smith's eerie voice sounding lost in a forest made a lasting impression on me...and I loved how the bass line fading out made my stomach jitter.

Pawn -- Common Rotation

I'd never seen or heard Common Rotation before. Yet when they finished their set at MR2004 with this song, I sang along with the chorus to the amazement of my friends. Next up was James Marsters' GotR. I fell asleep halfway through their first song.
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