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Moodtheme won't load

Alright, I give up: what is wrong NOW?


This command takes exactly 5 arguments. Consult the reference.

moodtheme_setpic mood_id 101561 21 100 60


This command takes exactly 5 arguments. Consult the reference.

I just can't seem to upload a new moodtheme. Neither the gorgeous Lost-one that meivocis made, nor this Dr. Who-one by _kali_...either it tells me I don't own the theme, or to 'Consult the reference'...but then it doesn't say where I can find the bloody reference, does it? And the FAQ is bugger-all use...

Anyone have any clue as to what I should do?

ETA: YAY! Result! Thanks to meivocis's helpful suggestion, I have now finally managed to upload another moodtheme! Tomorrow, Lost...

ETA2: How stupid am I? mood_id is not a valid command! Tshhh...

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