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Coming down to earth with incredible velocity

The assessment is set for Tuesday noon. The invitation arrived today, with the advice to look at their website and familiarise myself with the type of tests they're likely to have me do. Now I'm all deflated and's numerical tests. I'm ever so bad at those. I'm dyscalculic -- it's like being dyslexic, only with numbers. I can't do arithmetic for toffee...So I did a few and the results were as expected: my score is way below the norm. Guess I won't get to be an M, after all. Wonder if it's worth keeping the appointment?

sanda56, your tape arrived today as well, and it plays, so don't you worry! And don't worry about it missing the first few minutes, either: I-uhm...I couldn't contain my curiosity and downloaded the ep a few days ago, so yeah, I saw the TARDIS go out with a bang...only not! God, that had me on the edge of my seat, gnashing my teeth and pulling my hair out in clumps the first time. What a shocker!
Funny thing is, the more I watch the ep, the more I cry. I sat through it almost completely dry-eyed on the first viewing; now I'm bawling my eyes out from the moment Capt. Jack says "See you in hell!" pretty much through to the end. Doctor, my Doctor! How I miss you! Whatever will I do with myself on a Saturday night?
Tags: application, doctor who, job hunting
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