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It's a mystery to me. I woke up determined to wear my black-on-black embroidered tunic with the wide sleeves, the zip up the side, and the cute little collar, that I last wore some 8 or 9 months ago. But when I stretched out my hand blindly, fully expecting to connect with it, it wasn't on its hanger. It hadn't fallen off it, either. So I rummaged through my wardrobe, cleared out all the shelves, went through all the hangers, but the tunic was nowhere to be found.

I checked the pile of laundry waiting to be ironed, but again, the item continued to elude me; and since it wasn't in the laundry bin either, I can only conclude that I must have left it somewhere -- possibly in the UK, as I vaguely remember having packed it for the October 2004 tour.

Damn! I loved that tunic.

Anyway, after Leila's spent some time away from home, it's now Manasse's turn. Mum's agreed to let him come and stay with her for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping his absence from home will at least entice Leila to give up the relative safety of her carrier, and take back possession of her house again. I daren't think about what might happen when my boy gets back, though.
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