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Me ship came in!

It's almost too hot to move...No, that was yesterday. Today, even though temperature-wise, it's a little cooler, and the sun is hiding behind the clouds, it's close, oppressive...Still, I prefer it to the unseasonal cold that held sway until as late as last week. Summer's finally here!

And yay! so are my Christopher Eccleston DVDs; the postie's just delivered them. Now, which one to watch first? Let Him Have It or Revengers Tragedy -- or maybe The Invisible Circus, with Cameron Diaz? It's a pity I'm going to have to wait until the end of November for my pre-ordered Doctor Who box set with 200 mins. worth of extras and a special Confidential to arrive, because really, that's all I want to see right now; but meanwhile, I'll just build up my budding DVD collection with CE films.

It's fun, getting into a new fandom again. It's like being on a treasure hunt: there's new forums and communities, artwork, fic, vids and icons to find, appreciate, and indulge in, daydreams to get lost in...but I'm waxing ever more frustrated with the fact that as a paid user, I've only got 50 icon spaces -- esp. since my being in Europe means the reserved MBs for phone posts and text messages goes to waste. So I've added my name to oxoniensis' petition to be allowed to use that useless space for icons, and hope we'll soon get our wish.
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