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Sunday bloody hot Sunday

Sweltering heat -high 90s again- pressing down on me. Could barely drag myself out of the cool house but have a shopping list as long as your arm; now I'm here though, I don't feel like getting it all and having to schlepp it home -- am feeling sweaty and uncomfortable enough as it is. Took refuge in this internet café for a bit, pleased to see pepperlandgirl4's updated the Prof. William-story with a couple of chapters since my last logon. That stuff's seriously addictive, and not a little bit thought-provoking. I've never read such a frank as well as gripping exploration of s/m practices before...

Will have to face the big house-clean of 2003 when I get home; am having to get everything in order for the parental inspection scheduled for Wednesday. Told them to come round for lunch, hoping they'll all have buggered off by mid-afternoon, so I can enjoy the rest of my day off, but didn't stop to think that I'm still going to have to cook and clean and haul the booze in in preparation for this birthday visit. It's days like this I wish I had Willow's abilities - just a little flick of the wrist and there's streamers and dips, not breaking a sweat at all!
Tags: btvs, fandom, real life

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