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So, further to my application...

...and I'm not quite sure what, if anything, I can tell you about it. I fear I may have said too much already. But since you know I was invited to a presentation today, you'll probably want to know how it went. Well, alright, really. Of the original 1,000+ applicants, 136 had remained, and 60 had been invited along to today's presentation (there will be another presentation held next week for the rest).

It was nice meeting up with some of the people I'd had my test with (1 gentleman, 2 ladies), getting to know some of the others, and meeting some of the people who, if it all works out the way I'd like it to, I'll be calling colleague come the end of the year.

So, what was the purpose of today's meeting? Quite simply, to give us a better indication of what we were letting ourselves in for, both in terms of the work involved, and with regards to the selection procedure from this point forward. There were people from HR, people from the field, and someone who had started in the job last December and was dying to tell us how fulfilling, rewarding and just plain wonderful it was. We heard about the history of the organisation and how it had changed in recent years from one that was anti, against, to one that was pro, in favour; from one that used to operate on the basis of everything that wasn't downright illegal, to one that has its roles and remits clearly defined in the law, and is bound by it.

We were told about the security checks and how strict these would be; how there would be identity checks, checks with the council, financial checks, judicial checks, personal checks, checks on friends and family, background checks and health checks; how the results of any one of these checks could throw a spanner in the works...and that in the event that none of these checks yielded any information at all, the person being investigated against would be deemed an unacceptable risk, too. So if I can get through the interview and assessment rounds, and the security check gets started up, I sincerely hope they do find a skeleton in my cupboard, because clearly, I don't want to lose my chance of gainful employment on a technicality of having been too squeaky clean and led a blameless life up to the present day. And get this: if I do get the job, I may never ever win the lottery -- nay, I may not even enter the lottery, because if I won that would inevitably lead to a certain level of media exposure that could be detrimental to the execution of my duties.

There was a Q&A session, there was a lunch, and then there was the opportunity to put your name down against a date and time for the actual interview. I have until 9:00 am on Wednesday the 27th to prepare for mine.
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