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Lovely day

Today's been a lovely, lazy summer day off for me, the kind I enjoy far too infrequently. For once, I'd taken a day off without needing it to take care of other business that you can't do while you're stuck in an office; and so I ended up spending some of it in Amsterdam rummaging through the sales (in which I bought two lovely thin jumpers, one fuchsia and one bottle green -- I seem to be going through a green phase lately, this is either the 4th or the 5th purchase in that colour in recent months), and checking in Waterstone's to see if they stocked the Dr. Who magazine. They didn't, but they did have Melvyn Bragg's The Adventure of English which I'd been looking out for, and so I didn't leave empty-handed. My friend Nicky was in, and told me they'd open their doors 5 minutes past midnight tonight and stay open all through the night to sell the new Harry Potter-book. I believe it's the sixth in the series. I still haven't even read the first.

After having discovered that I was clean out of international money orders last week, I tried to pick some up from the post office, but was told that I had to ring a special number and they'd be delivered to my letter box within a day or so.

Came home, found out there's a Paul Weller special edition of Later on tonight, and sat on the balcony reading Dr. Who fan fic while munching on water melon and guzzling Young's luxury double chocolate stout, which while certainly creamy smooth, left me a bit light-headed...and right now I'm trying to make up my mind about what I should have for dinner: coriander naan with tomato and basil soup (yummy), or coriander naan with a king prawn stir-fry? Whatever I decide on, there'll be water melon for dessert.

ETA: because lately so many of the people on my flist have put up samples of their music collection, which I've shamelessly been copying to my hard drive, I thought I'd try and upload the song I was listening to while writing this entry. It took for bloody ever, so I don't think I'll be making a habit of this. Anyway, here's Pink On White Walls
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