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I saw this in diachrony's journal, and because I'm too lazy to think up a real post, nicked it:

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My journal is called "Gamiila's Gabfest" because when casting about for a name, all I knew was I wanted one inviting enough for everyone to feel comfortable and have their say (but still know who's boss), and because I thought there should be alliteration. I couldn't think of anything to fit that bill, until I stumbled on this Americanism.

My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My subtitle is "Reality? I don't think so - not yet" because ... it has been my motto since 1980. Never mind that it's a blatant steal off (the sleeve notes for) Dexys Midnight Runners' Searching For The Young Soul Rebels; it's how I've always felt -- from the time I was a little girl convinced she should have been a boy, to the present day where I still believe reality is just around the corner, if only I can get caught up to it.

My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My friends page is imaginatively called "Friends" because I couldn't be shagged to think up something more original.

My username is ____ because _____.
My username is "Gamiila" because ... I found out to my cost that logging on with your real name and surname is not an advisable thing to do. So, after the dust had settled and I'd decided to give the Internet another go, I did so under the alias of one of my nicknames in real life, that had fallen into disuse.

My default userpic is _____ because_____.
My default user pic is -- well, at the moment it's iconoclast's A TARDIS is-icon, because of my current fondness for the all-new Dr. Who television series. And of course, I wholeheartedly agree with the definition of a TARDIS given. I think I'd like to have one...wouldn't you?



Jul. 18th, 2005 05:04 pm (UTC)
Psychic paper? Do you think it could write the WIP for me?

Why doesn't relativty apply? Ok you can jump about in time and arrive back when you left, but times still passes inside the TARDIS.

Jul. 18th, 2005 08:32 pm (UTC)
Alright then, you're right - relativity applies as much in the TARDIS as it does on a plane -- and of course only inasmuch as it's still within the earth's atmosphere. Time doesn't exist in outer space. So yes, you may come back 0.000000001* second closer to death than you would have been otherwise, if you hadn't gone all the way to Raxacoricofallapetorius and back again for tea and crumpets.

0.000000001 = rough approximation; can't remember the exact figure and I'm not about to re-read the whole of Stephen Hawking's Brief History of Time to get it now; but I'm sure you'll know what I'm getting at.