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Sartorial crisis averted...I hope.

A few years ago, I bought a dark grey two-piece in the sales thinking it might come in handy if ever I were to apply for another job. I took it out this afternoon, tried it on and decided that the skirt was a little bit on the short and tight side. It might do for the second interview, but not for the first. I am, after all, applying for a job at the Home Office, so a certain measure of decorum is called for.

How lovely to live in a secular age! When I was a child, the Sunday was a day of rest, and none of the shops were open. Now, of course, it's a very different matter. Things started to change about a decade ago with Sunday opening once a month; but for the past few years it's been possible to go into town and buy stuff every Sunday (with the exception of Easter and Christmas).

And so I wasted no time in getting myself kitted out properly for my upcoming interview -- or as properly as I could make it in the few hours of Sunday opening that remained. Luckily, it didn't take me more than 10 minutes to find what I was looking for (sort of): a light-weight linen two-piece consisting of a jacket subtly decorated along the lapels and cuffs and a plain well-cut skirt that ends a two-finger breadth above the knee...and because I couldn't quite decide whether to go for the skirt or the matching trousers, I bought both. The only thing I'm not 100% sure about, is that the whole suit is black -- and most articles I've read about 'How To Dress For A Job Interview' strongly advise against the wearing of black. However, having already been to the site once before and having taken careful note of how the women already employed there dress, I think I can get away with it this time. Especially since I plan to combine it with a soft pink knitted polo...or maybe the green coming highly recommended as a non-intimidating colour for the purpose...Bought a new black leather purse, too, big enough to hold those diplomas they want me to bring (still haven't found them, though)...All I need to decide on now is: trouser suit, or play it safest and go with the skirt and jacket?

Anyway, that's my clothes sorted out -- now, I'll just have to worry about how best to convince them to hire me.
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