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My LJ's driving me to distraction -- it keeps losing comments to posts and reverting back to unedited entries and switching icons around...and on top of that it's excruciatingly slow and eats my replies to other people's posts. What the bloody fuck is going on here?

And since I'm moaning, what the hell are all these </font></span>-mentions I keep seeing on my Friends page? I could live with the not knowing if only the entries containing them didn't throw said Friends page out of whack!


On a brighter note: DT was totally adorkable in his Newsround interview this afternoon. I'm becoming more and more reconciled to the loss of CE every time he comes on and enthuses about the role. He's just too cute, and I'm just too fickle for words.



Aug. 2nd, 2005 11:19 am (UTC)
I tend to update to LJ directly, via the Update page rather than using Semagic or another client.

Me too and same problems. What pees me off is that I need a bit more help with spelling etc than most. All of a sudden lj just isn't helping me. :(

I've a feeling we've been sold down the river.

Mmm, and me.!