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Inexorably heading into middle age

...and feeling strangely sanguine about it. It helps, of course, that I've got a birthday dinner to look forward to -- two of my friends are treating me to a slap-up meal tonight, and as if that isn't enough, I've also been promised a birthday brunch tomorrow. I wish though, that I'd taken more time to get dressed (i.e. dolled up) this morning, but I was running late and the weather's still grey, wet and far too cool for this time of year, and so I'm set to go out and celebrate tonight in black trousers and a green jumper. If only I hadn't given in to that sudden attack of miserliness after spending more than I had been planning to on those shoes yesterday, and simply bought that gorgeous wine coloured organza skirt with the flower appliqués as well...I'll have to go back for that as soon as possible.

I did think to pop my camera in my purse, and all going well, I may treat you to some pictures later.



Aug. 5th, 2005 09:28 am (UTC)
That's if I can work out what lead to attach where to my PC...and if I need additional s/w...

I still think the old-fashioned type camera that uses film is a lot easier to work with.