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Foiled again

I thought that staying away from the office on my birthday would a) relieve me of the necessity of bringing in cake and chocolates and invite everyone round to my desk for coffee/tea, and not getting a stitch of work done; and b) save me the embarrassment of being enveloped in hugs and kisses every two minutes, and not getting a stitch of work done.

Well, I was wrong. Cast-iron memory, my colleagues possess. So instead of losing just 1 day's worth of work, by not coming in yesterday I have actually lost 2 - and that with another deadline looming large tomorrow. But who cares - I've just been given a gift voucher that I can cash in at that nice, posh furniture store we were discussing in the office the other day, so guess what I'll be doing this Saturday!

Now, do I dare leave my gorgeous Spike mousepad that calove sent me as my b'day prezzie out on my desk for the night, or would I do better to keep him under lock and key when I'm not around? I've seen my co-workers salivating at the mouth all day, I don't suppose the cleaning staff will be any more impervious...maybe I'd better take it back home with me again?

And after telling me he was going to get me the latest System Of A Down-CD, my nephew actually presented me with Madonna's latest. Not sure if I like it, though. Perhaps I just need to listen to it a gazillion times or more.

BTW, the new icon is by puppetoflove.
Tags: birthdays, real life, work

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