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No 'part 2'

Ahem. Although I chose to put "My weekend in pictures (part 1)" as the subject header for my previous entry, I don't think I'll bore you with any more of my photographic genius. As the remaining part of the weekend was spent in the bosom of my family, the pictures I took are mostly of my niece and nephews, and hardly worth including in the family album even -- you can't possibly be interested in seeing those.

Tell you what: you tell me what you'd like to see me take a picture of, and I'll try my best to comply. Can't say fairer than that, can I?

The dreaded invitation to the assessment arrived in the post this Saturday, so now I know I'll be there the entire day being prodded and poked, or gruelled and tested -- there'll be some personality tests, which will probably be a doddle, followed by an hour long in-depth interview, a writing assignment, and one or two 'simulations' (i.e. role play), after which the assessment will finish on an In Basket exercise. They'll write up a report and invite me to a discussion of their findings within the week, and if I approve it, they'll send it to the Home Office. After which HR will decide whether to let me go through to the next round or not. God! Will this application process ever come to an end?

They want me to bring my CV. I'd better tweak it again.
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