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Aches and pains

I had hoped I would be able to read up on some things, to prepare for the assessment, but work unfortunately won't let me. At this rate, it'll be a bloody miracle if I get through the ordeal with a glowing recommendation and the full endorsement of psychologists everywhere...I'm having to work late tonight as well, more's the pity, 'cause I feel that I could really have done with a little more sleep -- right now, I feel positively drowsy.

I got up early to make sure I was first in surgery; I needed my GP to write me a referral to the physiotherapist again. I think it was beginning of last year that I was diagnosed with RSI in my right arm, after which a combination of drugs and physio put it right; but I've been having similar pains in my left arm since January. During the last couple of months or so, the pain has been steadily growing worse, and it's spread to my shoulder as well -- clearly my policy of ignoring it hasn't made it go away. Now it's up to Menno to help me recover from it. Oh well, they say worse things happen at sea, don't they?

Meanwhile, I think I may be developing a blister. Recalling my intention to wear the Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingsilver-brushed boots I purchased last December to at least one of CoRo's upcoming shows, and being reminded by the calendar on my wall that they're only two months away, I decided to break them out of their protective wrapping, and break them in. Of course, I forgot that I was out of petroleum jelly, having used the last of it last Sunday wearing these

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