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Nicked from love_by_137

1.Your full name?
If I wanted you to know, do you think I would have chosen an alias for this journal?

2. Grandparent's first names?
Paternal set: Pieter & Martijntje (Martijntje died long before I was born though, so whenever I think of my nan, it's my granddad's 2nd wife Elisabeth who comes to mind)
Maternal set: George Eduard & Eunice Alice (but answering to Eddy & Zus)

3. What songs do you sing in the shower?
Whatever comes to mind -- golden oldies, mostly: KC & The Sunshine Band, or Earth, Wind and Fire. Or songs from The Sound of Music. Cheerful songs. And I really can't sing.

4. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
The Well Scary Giant Man-eating Ladybird. I'm serious!

5. When did you last vomit?
Last time I ate something that didn't agree with me. Some time last year, perhaps?

6. What's in your pockets right now?
My pass key.

7. What colour are your bedroom walls?

8. Last thing that made you laugh?

9. Nicknames your parents call you?
Mum: Heppipep, Tijn
Dad: none, really. He used to call me Paardevijgie, but I put a stop to that.

10. Best bed sheets you had as a child?
Weird question....we all had the same plain white sheets embroidered with a little blue crown in the top corner in our family.

11. Favorite childhood pet?
Conejo, my lovely white rabbit.

12. Any pets now?
Leila, Clio and Manasse, my cats.

13. Others describe your ass as?
I don't think anyone's been so bold as to comment on it yet!

14. Do you like your teeth?
Not really. They're strong and they're my own, but they're not pearly white and straight as is currently fashionable. Alas, my parents belonged to the generation that lived through the war -- dental care, other than brushing your teeth before going to bed, didn't get high priority.

15. Inny or an outty?
Inny --outties are weird.

16. Things you shout to stupid drivers?
I'd probably mutter things like "WTF?" and "Move it, you twat!", but really, I don't shout.

17. Favorite bathroom?
As long as it's functional, what do I care what it looks like? Though actually, I quite like calove's downstairs's got floor heating!

18. Bake or broil?
Sorry, I don't get it. But if we're talking about food (which I doubt), I suppose...bake?

19. Black olives or green olives
Yummy. Though I generally prefer them already stoned.

20. What kind of phone do you own?
A 3-year old Motorola something. And a landline.

21. What's one of the strangest things you ever chewed on?
As a child, no begonia was safe from me when I had the munchies...

22. Is your music kept in a particular order?
Not really. I will sort on artist, but both CDs and iTunes are mostly just added in the order they are bought.

23. Where do you get your film developed?
AH or HEMA. The Dutch equivalent of Asda or Woolies, really.

24. If your skin could be any color of the rainbow, what would you choose?
Deathly pale.

26. Strangest drug experience?
I haven't had a strange one. The funniest one was when me and some friends got stoned and then took the tram to school. I saw myself reflected in the window and I was having this huge stupid grin on my face that simply had to come off or I'd be found out...but however hard I tried to literally wipe it off, it stayed put -- and yes, I was found out, and sent to the headmaster's office, where I let him rail at me, still with this inane grin on my face.

27. Favorite weather?
Sunny, clear blue skies, whether in summer or winter I don't care. And thunderstorms, too.

28. Describe your fingernails?
Rather long this week...but usually cut short. Must be clean. Can't stand to get any dirt under them.

20. Last time you went to the hospital?
Last October when I injured myself at a Common Rotation gig.

21. Worst injury you've ever had?
Probably that one...although I've also once had a compound fracture to my leg which took some time to heal...but no, definitely the CoRo one. I'm still not fully recovered from it.

22. How do you like your chocolate?
Dark and rich, but really, I'm not fussed.

23. Favorite kind of tape?
I don't know...sellotape? Videotape?

24. Favorite thing to write or draw with?
For writing: a working ballpoint pen.
For drawing: a pencil or some charcoal.

25. Last movie you rented?
I can't remember. Master & Commander, maybe...

26. Last movie you went to see?
Wimbledon. It's been a while.

27. Were you a thumb sucker?

28. How old are you?

29. What are your dreams like?
Utterly forgettable, apparently...

30. What are your hallucinations like?
I haven't had any yet.

31. Worst hotel you've ever been in?
I can't remember the name of it now, but it was smack-bang in the middle of Co. Kerry, miles from anywhere -- and inhabited by millions, millions I say, of fleas.

32. Best vacation?
Ooooh...first time I went to NYC? Or when I did the Ring of Kerry? Either one was brilliant!

33. What languages can you speak?
Dutch and English, without having to think about them. French, German, Italian and Spanish haltingly. Plus a few words of Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Malaysian, Welsh, Irish and Danish (and Latin, Greek and Etruscan...but just a few words, mind!). And I can tell people to shut it in Finnish.

34. Favorite house?
Best Friend's parents' house -- it's a manor house surrounded by private parklands. They used to own a castle too, but they sold it recently. They couldn't afford the upkeep of both places, and made what I think was the best choice.

35. Favorite mode of transportation?
A horse. Failing that, a car.

36. Favorite place to swim?
In the words of love_by_137: I don't swim. I mean I can, I just don't.

37. Last porno you saw?
I've only ever seen one, on a dare with a friend. I was about 18 and the only way to view pornos was to go to these sleazy backstreet cinemas, where men furtively went in and out shielding their faces with their collars turned up. It was called "Pruimenbloesem" and utterly stupid.

38. Last song you listened to?
'I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow' - Soggy Bottom Boys, from the O Brother Where Art Thou?-soundtrack

39. Favorite kitchen utensil?
Wooden spoon, I think.

40. Favorite driving songs?
Anything loud and up-tempo (like Chemical Bros or Prodigy), or Common Rotation.

41. What will you be doing tomorrow?
Same as today: pretend to be hard at work. Duh.
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