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Sumer is icomen in...

It's 25 degrees Centigrade today...don't ask me what that is in Fahrenheit cuz I wouldn't know, but for the beginning of April and in Holland, this is pretty exceptional. The sun's beating down on us, there's very little's heaven. We normally don't get days this good until July or August.

Spent my lunchbreak stretched out on the grass outside, nipping at this year's very first ice cream cone, watching the planes come in to land or take off from Schiphol Airport, which is very near here -- and reminding myself that I'll be off on a short break in 4 weeks myself (well, 3 1/2 now)...hope the weather holds...

Trying hard to ignore the awful feeling that's doing its best to settle itself in the pit of my stomach since I couldn't restrain myself from taking a peek at the spoiler sites this morning - although we've all known for months that She. Does. Not. Deserve. Him, so why am I surprised again? Perhaps it's a foiler! or perhaps this mantra my friend Jules taught me at the beginning of this season, 'In Joss we trust', has lost its potency somehow. Or perhaps it's just me and my damn insecurities ;-). There, I feel better already.
Tags: btvs, fandom, real life

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