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Procrastination Central

That's me. I've got one more week to prepare myself for my assessment. Two weeks ago, I had three. Every day I've told myself, "I really need to start to read up on things, and think how to match my skills to those required for the position". Every day I've told myself, "I'll do it tomorrow". Every day, I've found something else to do, or read.

This weekend, I'd set myself a simple task: to update my cv. Needless to say, I haven't done it. I did read the organisation's annual report, but I don't think I took anything in. It was boring as hell, as these things normally are. I've earmarked a few more articles and reports to read in the next few days, but whether I'll find the time...Oh well. I hope I get the chance to work on the cv at the office tomorrow.

I'm meeting with Tinny tomorrow night. I'm hoping that after our talk, I'll have a better idea of what I'll need to know and do at the assessment, and calm down a little. 6 Days...should be enough to get ready. Hope they will be...

Just saw Gone in 60 Seconds on TV. That's one Chris Eccleston film I won't be adding to the collection soon.
Tags: application, job hunting

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