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Brave little puddytat

For the past couple of days, Leila's been cautiously exploring her surroundings. At the slightest sound, she'll scoot away under the sofa or run back to the safety of her hidey-hole behind the washing machine, but at least she's no longer content to spend all her time in such places. The other day, she turned up for a quick look-see when I was opening a tin of catfood in the kitchen, and yesterday, she came to greet me at the door when I came home, apparently unfazed by the fact that Manasse was trailing just a few steps behind!

I'm so pleased, and so proud of her, my brave little puddytat.



Aug. 25th, 2005 08:12 am (UTC)
Took her a year though.

I think it's going to take at least a few more months for Leila to get back to normal -- it took her 4 to get to the stage she is now. But I'm glad I didn't act on the vet's advice to get rid of either her or Manasse, and gave her a chance.

Speaking of kitties: did you get the bag, or did someone else beat you to it?