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Written in the stars

Lately, I've been feeling a bit under the weather; and now that I've read my horoscope for the coming week, I feel worse still. I'm not going to get that job, as it reads that I'll face terrible disappointment, but that I will learn from the experience and in time, will come to see how it was all for the best. I'm trying to ignore this message, by considering how many times in the past my horoscope has ever been correct, and the answer is: exactly never (where's that tall, dark stranger I was promised years ago?) -- but I can't shake the fear that this once, and just to spite me, the prediction may come true.

I was all energetic this morning. Now, I can't shift my butt into gear, and I've got stacks of housework waiting for me. Which isn't going to do itself, so...

Tomorrow, I'm going on a shopping spree with db2305. Neither one of us has ever been to this outlet centre before, so we're not quite sure what we might expect, but I'm sure we'll manage.
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