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A most enjoyable afternoon

As a pick-me-up, retail therapy just can't be beat. Throwing money around, pampering yourself, indulging yourself, is a most effective way of dispelling any dark thoughts or niggling little worries -- at least, that's the effect it has on me.

And so, after an afternoon spent trawling each and every shop in the outlet centre with db2305 , I've come home laden with goodies:

  • 1 long-sleeved purple T-shirt, trimmed with black lace
  • 1 V-necked (front & back) purple ajour jumper
  • 1 hard pink jumper w/ 3/4-length sleeves
  • 1 softest brown suede pair of trousers
  • 1 dark brown rabbit fur winter coat
  • 1 pair of pink suede peep-toe pumps

Hmmm. Doesn't look as if I got all that much, does it? But it's all of the highest quality and believe me, bank balance-wise,  I got more than enough. I'm not even sure I can afford to have the plumber in to fix my leaking toilet some time next week, as I'd been planning to...but that's okay; I kind of enjoy watching the toadstools shoot up in the darkest corner of my littlest room...

Of course, half the fun was simply  in spending time with B. again -- I already knew she was a woman after my own heart but after today, even more so. The woman can shop! And she's just as picky as me, meaning I didn't have to kick my heels outside while she ducked into a shop that sold rubbish. On the contrary: she fulfilled a childhood dream of hers (& mine too, actually) by digging out a cowboy jacket in the Ralph Lauren store. I was going to show you her find, and my own purchases, but I seem to have lost or misplaced my USB-cable. I could kick myself, but I seem not to have put it back in its usual spot when I last used it some 4 weeks ago. I'm such an idiot.

ETA: Found the cable, and so I give you *drum roll* db2305 in a Western style jacket by Ralph Lauren:
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Tags: real life, shopping
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