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After having had the plumbers round for 2 days last week, it would appear I need to get them to come back again: my loo has decided it doesn't want to flush anymore. Instead of filling up, the cistern just lets water run through continuously, and I've had to turn the tap off because the sound of trickling water was driving me round the bend. Why couldn't it have given up the ghost when they were here -- now it'll cost me another call-out fee. :(

Work and the commute have been a nightmare this past week: delays, cancellations, and yesterday, getting drenched in a sudden downpour really only served to sour my mood more than I would have previously thought possible; and I still haven't had any news. Perhaps it's time for me to call them.

My mobile phone has died on me the day before yesterday; and to top it all off, this afternoon at the office, my PC crashed in such a spectacular way that I've had to do a complete ghosting and re-format. Needless to say, something went wrong with the backup as well, and I've probably lost a heap of stuff that I'll find I need to have access to tomorrow.

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