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The answer's no

It would seem they do take a perverse pleasure in getting people's hopes up by leaving them messages asking to call back. Based on the assessment report, the selection committee was of the opinion that there were too many 'points of attention' and they've decided not to hire me.


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Sep. 12th, 2005 08:52 am (UTC)
*hugs* Sorry, hon.
Sep. 12th, 2005 08:59 am (UTC)
I feel strangely calm about it -- guess it hasn't really sunk in yet.
Sep. 12th, 2005 09:03 am (UTC)
:( so sorry, i know how much you wanted and worked for it *hugs*
Sep. 12th, 2005 09:08 am (UTC)
Oh well, something will turn up -- at the moment, though, it's the thought of having to face Jobsworth's smug smile as he goes 'told-you-so'...
Sep. 12th, 2005 09:20 am (UTC)
Oh no that's really rubbish. I'm so sorry!!!!!! I will never use Johnny for luck again he is full of false promises ;)
Sep. 12th, 2005 09:50 am (UTC)
's Alright. I'm not blaming Johnny. Just myself.
Sep. 12th, 2005 10:36 am (UTC)
WTF? Oh, pood. I'm so sorry, petal.
Sep. 12th, 2005 12:54 pm (UTC)
That'll teach me to count my chickens....but I really thought I had a chance at something good here. Oh well.
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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 12th, 2005 12:57 pm (UTC)
It sucks even more now that we've heard the news and HP is going to get rid of 5,900 staff in Europe...it never rains, does it?

Thnaks for the good wishes, though! I'm sure something will turn up...although it might not be this year. :-(
Sep. 12th, 2005 11:31 am (UTC)
Sep. 12th, 2005 12:58 pm (UTC)
That about sums it up, yeah.
Sep. 12th, 2005 11:38 am (UTC)

However, on the plus side you got an awfully long way - good experience for other job applications, and even something to put on your CV possibly.
Sep. 12th, 2005 01:03 pm (UTC)
I've been thinking about how I can incorporate bits and pieces of this experience into my cv, but...I just wish I didn't have to.
Sep. 12th, 2005 12:43 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear the news: (

But everything happens for a reason, and I am sure that the right job for you is just about to find you : )
Sep. 12th, 2005 01:06 pm (UTC)
4 Months I've been working on this, 4 months of sitting up and jumping through hoops -- and now I've got nothing to show for it. it's very demotivating, knowing I'm stuck in a job I hate, and obviously not good enough for one that does appeal to me.
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Sep. 12th, 2005 12:53 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry. :-(
Sep. 12th, 2005 01:08 pm (UTC)
Me, too. Although I don't know what, if anything, I could have done better.
Sep. 12th, 2005 02:12 pm (UTC)
Oh sweetness,
I am so sorry.
*hugs you tightly*
Sep. 12th, 2005 04:23 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It's a huge disappointment, but I know I gave it my all and that ultimately, it's their loss...I'll find something else eventually, I'm sure.
Sep. 12th, 2005 02:49 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear that. *hugs*
Sep. 12th, 2005 04:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the hug, I appreciate it. Where would I be without my LJ friends? I take comfort from all your messages, and I don't feel half as sad. ;-)
Sep. 12th, 2005 02:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, sorry love. I know this one was important to you.

End of the day, you gave it your best shot, pet, and you should be proud of having got this far. Their loss. Put all the experience you've gained doing this to good use and go get that absolutely perfect job that's waiting round the corner.

Sep. 12th, 2005 04:36 pm (UTC)
End of the day, you gave it your best shot, pet, and you should be proud of having got this far.

You know what? I am. A year ago, this kind of rejection would have been devastating to me; but I've since regained my confidence and self-esteem, and going through this whole harrowing process has actually helped me in that. I'm only sad that I don't get to be that welcome dinner guest at any table, the international woman of mystery, but the blow is to my vanity, not my self-esteem.

Still, now begins the odious task of finding positions to apply for again...
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Sep. 12th, 2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
Am so sorry babe :( I was so sure you had it!
Sep. 12th, 2005 05:38 pm (UTC)
As was I...well, not 100%, but I did think I stood a very good chance -- until, that is, everything started to go wrong last week. I lost the flow, you know, when everything you undertake just goes naturally to its best conclusion. My phone gave out. My loo broke. My finances dwindled. Is it any wonder then, that I failed to secure the job? :(
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Sep. 13th, 2005 12:19 pm (UTC)
One night in three years I don't read my flist and I miss your announcement...

I'm so sorry, honey! *hugs you tight*

Take a breather before you go a-hunting again, will you? The sun is shining and fall is not yet here.
Sep. 13th, 2005 02:09 pm (UTC)
I may have to go a-hunting again a little earlier than planned...the plumber just called to say that he wouldn't be able to make it today -- right after Jobsworth called to tell me I'd better sort something out or I needn't bother coming back at all.

Of course, he's all mouth and no trousers, that one, but still...
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Sep. 13th, 2005 09:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, damn, I'm sorry. Still, chin up and be proud that you made it that far in what sounded like a very tough process!
Sep. 13th, 2005 09:59 pm (UTC)
Yup, quite happy with what I've achieved. Would have been happier still if...you know. But it's fine. Really.


No, really. ;-)
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