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Hurray for Leila!

Just now, there was a godawful commotion in my living room, and when I went to investigate, I found that a goldfinch had somehow found its way into my flat and was desperately trying to get away from Leila and Manasse. Leila? Yes, her hunting instinct had taken over and she'd left the safety of the bathroom to chase after the hapless little bird. I tried my best to catch it, so that I could release it outside unharmed, but unfortunately, all my efforts did was drive it straight into Leila's reach. She jumped up and killed it, snapping its neck in less than a second. Manasse stood and cheered, and Leila took her trophy back to the bathroom with her. I let her play with it for a few minutes, then I took it and threw it out.

Leila's now strutting about the flat looking for it, licking her chops and looking very pleased with herself. Manasse follows her in total awe, like a little boy trailing after his favourite football hero in the hope of getting an autograph. Clio's lying low somewhere, probably pondering the question what this'll mean to the hierarchy and her place in it. For the last few weeks, she's been trying to assert her dominance over Leila, and there have been several really bad fights between the two, in which it seemed that, with the help of Manasse, she was getting the upper hand. With Manasse back in Leila's camp, she can't be too sure of that anymore...Kitty politics are endlessly fascinating to watch.

Anyway, Leila's euphoric; and seems to have forgotten that she's afraid to go in the other rooms. I'm hoping today's excitement will help restore her confidence, and then the poor little goldfinch won't have died in vain.
Tags: cats, leila
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