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Cada mañana estoy quebrado

When the high point of your day has been the fire drill, surely that must be proof if proof were needed that it's time to get out of there -- and I'll take steps to secure my getaway right after the tour ends. I'm suffering from delayed reaction to the shock of not getting the Secret Service job. I was more or less alright, if slightly incredulous, last week; but this week has just crawled past. I hate having to get up and get on the train again every morning, and now that another season's started, I'm usually halfway to my destination already before sunrise -- I hate having to leave home in what feels like the middle of the night, and it isn't even full-on winter yet!

On second thought...that fire drill might not have been today's best bit, after all...but no! I can't be crushing on my physiotherapist, even if he's attractive, single and a terrible flirt -- can I?

I wonder what's keeping my copy of Back to the Vortex: the Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who 2005, which I ordered from the Telos website over a week ago. Every day I hurry home in anticipation, and each day I'm disappointed. Oh well. Perhaps it'll be here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Eric's very quietly released his solo album. I'll very quietly wait until I see him (only two more weeks!) before purchasing it.
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