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Run o' the mill talk-jive

Still felt a bit out of sorts because of yesterday's reprimand, but after having waited 2 hours for my download to finish and then watching the first episode of Blackpool (many thanks to chicklet73), I've decided not to wallow. Instead, I'll go out and do something -- not sure what yet, but it's too lovely a day to spend cooped up indoors. Might just go for a nice long walk...

New friend elisi's baby daughter arrived last night; I don't know if it's the first time a baby has been born practically on LJ, but it's the first time it's happened on my friends list, and it feels kind of special. Mother and daughter, I understand, are doing well -- which is more than can be said for my PC which seems to have developed a mind of its own since ZoneAlarm's latest update installed itself last weekend. Whereas before, it was a perfectly well-behaved, polite little PC, now it's a recalcitrant, truculent bitch that can't be shagged to do my very reasonable bidding. Open more than one window? What on earth for? Read my e-mail? Tantalisingly, it'll show me there's mail, then when I click on it, close the entire programme. Could just be a memory problem, I suppose; I have been downloading quite a few video files and stuff lately...

Managed to restore the light to the bathroom, so as of tomorrow, there'll be no more showering in pitch blackness, but failed to do the same in the living room (can't reach, you see). Oh well -- who needs a light when there's a TV in the room, anyway?

Did a few of those quizzes with pictures, and apparently, I'm Rome's first emperor Augustus, the Norse god Bragi, and a monkey all rolled into one, but I don't feel like posting all that stuff so I'm just giving you the outcomes.

Right, I'm off. Maybe later, when I come back, I'll have a real point to make.
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