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Am I a perv?

I've been reading nautibitz's fics for ooh - a year now (I'm still quite new to the Buffy fandom, I must admit) and I've enjoyed all of them...all of those I've managed to find, that is. Her post in her lj this morning however, led me to the unbelievably thrilling discovery that she has written another that is so verboten that it warrants its own yahoo!group. Of course I've wasted no time in signing up for it, but I wonder if I'll be considered pervy enough to be allowed to read it...She's made me take a test, and now I'm all worried.

To be honest, I've never thought of myself as particularly pervy to begin with - I'm not into watersports, for instance, and even though I have a self-professed shoe fetish, it's nothing sexual. It's just that I like shoes. A lot. How does one actually properly measure perv? What is it that makes any act morally wrong or erring? Is it something inherent in it? Is it the number of practitioners (or rather, those that will actually own up to indulging in whatever act on occasion, while the rest all go 'oh no, not me!') or just however many more people go ewwww at the suggestion of any particular act?

And what am I doing pondering these matters this early in the day, and at work, no less?
Tags: btvs, fandom

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