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CoRo UK autumn mini tour, Oct 8th

5:15 a.m., and we were on our way to Glasgow, hoping to get there sometime around noon. The weather was bad, rain and fog, and we encountered numerous roadworks, but we still made good time, stopping off at the J38 Westmorland service station for a cooked breakfast around 10:30. We were in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but couldn't see much of it, the rain and fog obliterating the mountains that hemmed us in on either side. We were in good spirits, listening to Queen and Billy Joel for the last leg of our roadtrip, and lo and behold! as soon as we crossed the border into Scotland, the sun started to peek through the clouds at last. We arrived in Glasgow in the early afternoon, and hit a traffic jam -- it took us 45 minutes to get from Saltmarket to Clyde Street! When we got to the hostel, we were told we couldn't check in before 3:00 p.m., but we could leave our stuff in the luggage room, after which our ways parted for a few hours...Nai and Jo decided to log onto the Internet while they waited for our room to become available, while Julia and I, having independently of each other reached the conclusion that we had nothing suitable to wear to tonight's show, headed off into town.

I had made arrangements with one of my long-standing Internet friends who lives just outside the city, to meet up for a coffee and a pleasant afternoon, and gave her a call as soon as I walked into the hostel. She came to pick me up half an hour later, and together we went in search of the aforementioned coffee and a pretty, but above all, clean, top. We started off at Princes Square, then walked the length and breadth of Queen Street and Argyle Street, ducking into countless shops and department stores, but although there were many things I saw that I kind of liked, none of them screamed 'gig wear' at me. My friend bought a Sudoku book for her 8-year old, who is apparently very good at them, while I just stare at the page blankly and wonder how anyone can find these riddles enjoyable, and took me to meet her husband at his place of work -- but unfortunately, he was in a meeting and so we missed him. She had to get back home around 5:00 and I still hadn't found anything suitable to wear...I checked out Debenham's and River Island on my own, then decided to chuck it in and go in the smelly clothes I was standing up in...and suddenly, there it was: a plum-coloured short-sleeved figure-hugging V-neck top in the sales at Coast. I grabbed it and ran all the way back to Clyde Street!

The others had all had their shower, and Jo had managed to flood the bathroom and the hallway, and there were soaking wet towels everywhere, but none of that mattered. I had a quick shower myself, and then an attack of "oh no, does this new top make me look fat or what?!", to which Nai and Jo replied "Not at all!", bless them...being somewhat generously endowed and 43 years old, I always feel slightly uncomfortable in figure-hugging tops, especially those that reveal my upper arms; but the girls' assurances set my mind at rest and besides, I had nothing else to wear.

This was my second visit to Glasgow, and it was as windy and cold as I remembered it from last time, and so I was glad I'd brought my fur coat along. We got down to the Barfly and were pleased to see people queueing at the door, though less pleased to see a notice on the door saying there was a 10 o'clock curfew, and to see that a local band had been added to the line-up. This meant that CoRo could only play for an hour. Oh well.

The local band, The Attic Lights, came on and they were good -- loud, but good. So good in fact, that I had a chat with one of them after their set and made his day by begging his set list off him ;-). And as I was perfectly positioned to stage right (or left, depending which way you look at it), Nai asked me to get her a CoRo set list after the show, to add to her collection. Which I did.

Anyway, first up was Corn Mo again. No piano this time, just the man and his accordion. He went down very well with the Glaswegian audience, although his backing singers (i.e. us four) got some very funny looks during the performance. Were they trying to tell us something -- that we needed singing lessons, perhaps? It soon became transparant that the Barfly sound guy wasn't really interested in what he was doing, and so the Mo had to make a few changes to his set to overcome a few hitches, and then all too soon, it was over.

Since I gave the set list to Nai, I can't remember exactly what order the songs were played in, but Common Rotation started off with How To Lose and deviated from the list after Indie Rockin', substituting I'm So Bored With The USA for Normal Sea, IIRC. They did end on Pawn as planned, though, and I'm grateful for that because not only is it the song that turned me from an interested bystander into a fan a year ago, it also allowed us to hear Jordan sing -- and he didn't sing as much on this tour. Of course, the lovely Jules recorded it all on her lovely iRiver, and I can't wait to hear she's uploaded it for me because her recordings are generally such good quality. Maybe I should look into acquiring my own iRiver for next time...

The band had hardly left the stage when the lights came on and the bouncer started to clear the room -- while the band and Corn Mo were actually still in the middle of selling their merchandise! How rude! But there we were, in Glasgow at 10 o'clock on a Saturday night, and no idea of where to go next. As far as Julia and I were concerned, John came to our rescue and after a slight detour, we went back to the Barfly and spent an hour or so with him, Jimmy and a smelly little man called Alan in the upper bar, until we couldn't stand the horrificly loud music anymore and relocated to the hotel bar, where I enjoyed a g&t and a chat with other refugees from the gig. I think we left to go to beddy-bye around 1:30 a.m. -- then had a rough awakening at 4:00 a.m. when the fire alarm went off and we all had to clear the hostel. Although we'd taken the time to get dressed, and we saw others who were in their jimjams or underwear, it was freezing outside and we were glad when the all clear was given half an hour later. It turned out that one of the guests had been smoking in their room, setting off the smoke alarm, and causing the fire brigade to arrive on the scene with not one, but two shiny red engines.
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