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Silly boys

I had dinner with a friend yesterday. When I told him of the predicament I faced, he was quite adamant I should try to get a pay-out by appealing to the courts. But to be honest, I'm not sure I want to go into such a protracted wrangle. I just want to get out, and move on.

I've been looking at what's on offer at the various agencies in town. There appears to be no shortage of work, and this makes me feel quite hopeful that whatever choice I make, in the end all will be well.

There are quite a few weirdos on myspace -- my inbox is overflowing with badly written messages from North African and Middle Eastern young men all extolling my sparkling eyes and, in one instance, 'soculant' skin. Succulent skin? And from this they deduce that I'm 'caring and kind', and above all, interested in pursuing a relationship with them. I suppose I should feel flattered really, but strangely, I am not. Thank God for the Delete-button.
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