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I've come to a decision: it's definitely time I paid another visit to the hairdresser's, so that's where I'll be going tomorrow afternoon, after my final session with Menno. My tennis elbow hasn't gone away yet, but the insurance only covers 10 sessions. And Menno told me last time he'd looked it up and we'd had 19 sessions already...

And oh look! Paul Weller's approved my friends request already. And so has Martin Gore. And Cocteau Twins. I've only just discovered them this morning. CoRo have also finally added me, I see. Two other bands have politely asked to be added to my Friends, so now I've got more bands listed there than actual people...Wonder who else I might be able to find -- Elvis Costello perhaps? Let's see if New Order are there!

ETA: Well, New Order are there; Elvis Costello is not. Shame, really.
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