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Shit rises

So I come from a country that doesn't do Hallowe'en. And so for a minute, when I came in to work this morning, I thought I'd overslept but like horribly, because the caterers had left huge trays of oliebollen and appelflappen on each floor -- traditional treats that are usually only eaten here on December 31st. When told that they had put them there because of Hallowe'en, I went "What?!" -- then proceeded to stuff my face. I loves my appelflappen, and especially when they're free. ;-)

Jobsworth had an important announcement to make: he's been offered and has accepted another position within the company (bully for him), but will remain as acting manager for my group for the foreseeable future, until such time as they've found someone else to take his place. This may take a couple of months yet (bummer). Hmmm. I find the timing of his promotion a bit suspicious, but that's probably just me. Meanwhile, higher management sent out a mail informing us that they were busy hammering out the final details re: the Social Plan and reassuring everyone that they plan to have the proposed reorg affect loyal, hard-working employees as little as possible, promising to find jobs for as many people as will have to leave as they can, and telling us they'll come back with another update in two weeks' time.

I've been looking at the pictures I took at Common Rotation's Glasgow show earlier this month, and I've decided that blurry as they are, there are some that are slightly less blurry than the rest...and because there are so few photos of this gig around, I've decided to post these three after all:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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