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This and that

I see the boffins have been fiddling with LJ again. I suddenly have a 'My LJ'-page, the point of which escapes me for the present, and an 'Insert...'-menu on my Update page -- now that, I can get used to! But still, why fix a thing when it ain't broke?

Speaking of which, I'm getting my camera exchanged. I thought I'd have to beg, threaten and cajole, but all it took was saying I worked for HP myself and therefore knew what I was talking about when I complained that my M417 wasn't up to scratch, and the person on the other end went "No problem, we'll exchange it. Where would you like to pick it up from?". Easy peasy. They weren't as helpful as all this when my mum's PC gave up the ghost two days after the warranty on it expired...jerked her around for 2 months before I managed to sort it with one phone call...hey! maybe it's not such a bad thing working for HP after all!

Because work for HP, I still do. It turned out that the couple of weeks HR were willing to give me in order for me to make up my mind got shortened to just one, and they needed an answer today. So I wimped out and said I'd like another chance please. Jobsworth then had the gall to actually congratulate me on my choice. I smiled demurely, inwardly chanting my mantra "two more months, two more months". How's that old Spanish proverb go again? Debajo de mi manto, mato al Rey? Something like that.

In closing, I had been looking forward to seeing the new drama series Rome. However, having seen the first episode, I feel decidedly blah about it.

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