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First & Last meme

Gacked from hils:


First best friend – Reinier van den Berg, the boy next door, from age 1,5-11
First piercing/tattoo – I got my ears pierced when I was 16, and my father wouldn’t speak to me for a week.
First big trip – depends on what you think counts as big! Since both my parents were basically bitten by the travel bug, there wasn’t anywhere in Europe or Eastern Europe I hadn’t been by the time I started secondary school – I started to explore the Middle East and Africa in my twenties; but it took till 2000 before I made my first transatlantic trip to New York!
First flight – winter 1978, and we very nearly crashed on the way back!
First concert – Queen, Ahoy, Rotterdam, 1977.
First alcoholic drink – first sip of gin: aged 4; first glass of undiluted wine: aged 6; first beer: aged 8; first glass of champagne: aged 10 – all special occasions and not repeated for many, many years
First job – cleaning job in a hospital at age 15, which I stuck for exactly 2 hours 12 minutes


Last car ride – with calove last weekend
Last time you cried – I honestly can’t remember, but it wasn’t that long ago
Last food you ate – a crab salad bap
Last kiss – a real one, like in pashing? A previous life, definitely.
Last item bought – the crab salad bap and fruit juice
Last annoyance – Jobsworth’s very existence
Last time at the mall – must have been the last time I went to Bluewater, with calove…April?
Last friend you added on MySpace - deborahw37, I think


Current best friend – is referred to in this journal as Best Friend
Current love - all my friends *hugs you all*, all my cats *hugs them all*, Common Rotation and Doctor Who
Current drink - coffee
Current activity - working
Current annoyance - I want to go home already! But I’m stuck at the office for another hour…
Current mood – impatient
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