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Dreaming is true

I usually don’t remember my dreams, but the one I had this morning just before I woke up has stayed with me. It was one of those dreams that make you feel good about yourself, and it took place in Jerusalem, where I was the intended victim of a mugging. My travelling companion and I had just arrived at our hotel, were still outside in the broad daylight, and he was busy checking something in his luggage, therefore not really paying attention to what was happening around him. Me, I suddenly found myself looking into the barrel of a gun pointed at me by someone who bore a remarkable similarity to Naveen Andrews in his role as Sayid in Lost, and realized he wanted my purse, which I wasn’t going to give to him. I saw no need. What neither he nor my companion could see, was that two Israeli soldiers had just marched into the street, and I felt safe enough to refuse to hand over my belongings. Instead, I just smiled…probably, a little too smugly for Naveen/Sayid, because he did fire his gun. My companion looked up in shock, while I kept smiling. I knew that bullet wouldn’t hurt me. And it didn’t. It went went wide, then ricocheted off a dark blue sedan parked in the driveway, came hurtling back towards me again, hit the wall next to me and fell to the floor with a tinkling sound. I looked at it dumb-founded, while Naveen/Sayid took off, pursued by the two soldiers, and my companion (tall, curly hair and I think, a beard; but no one I know in real life) ran to me, to hug and check me over. He had just opened his mouth to tell me off too, when the alarm went off and I had to go and face another day at the office again…which, after having faced off with a mugger in my dream and come out on top, is all kinds of easy and relaxed.


Nov. 15th, 2005 01:59 am (UTC)
I think my favorite kinds of dreams are those when bad things are happening, but I feel perfectly calm and in control.
Nov. 15th, 2005 06:02 am (UTC)
I agree. Feeling confident and in control from the moment you wake up is the best preparation for the day ahead.