May 5th, 2003

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Monday, Monday

Some days you just know you've chosen the wrong outfit. You know before you go out the door and yet you persist. Instead of going back and changing into something else, something much better suited to your personality, you ignore all the alarm bells going off in your head, and you persist. So, whatever happens next, you deserve. Because you were stupid enough not to listen to your inner self warning you that this was not a smart move to make.

Why did I wear off-white today? What could I have been thinking? Since when have I ever been a person who could wear off-white without spilling coffee all over it? I don't even like off-white!

I had quite a nice weekend, though. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the weather was nice and dry for a change so I didn't mind spending time outdoors. A friend of mine recently bought herself a new horse and we went down to the stables so I could admire it. Which I did. Then she took her horse and I took another and we went down to the beach for a ride through the surf. Thankfully, there was a stiff breeze coming in from the sea so there weren't too many daytrippers and tourists about. I don't ride all that often these days, but when I's like I never want to stop. I've got this silly idea that one day I might go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela...on horseback. Actually, I wanted to do that in 2000; but I couldn't get the time off work. Maybe when I'm old and grey...

Just spent a bit of time this morning laughing and joking about the season finale spoilers for BtVS, but as I promised I wouldn't discuss them here, I can't say much more on that topic can I? Talk about making things difficult for yourself!

And after all the despair all through last week at the thought of Cold Feet coming to an end, I nearly missed the last episode! Managed to catch the last half hour, though. And it was good...nice open ending to it all, with Adam leaving the house he and Rachel had shared the last few years, David and Karen's divorce coming through, and Pete and Jo breaking up...all's well that ends well, eh?

Must remember to ring my dentist. I forgot my last appointment, and he sounded a bit pissed off about it in his note. But what do you expect when you're asked to make appointments a year in advance? Hope he doesn't insist I pay for the appointment I missed...
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Oh happy day!

Caro's updated 'Seven Years in the Desert'...just the thing I need to cheer me up now that my colleague's just walked out in a strop leaving me swamped...

Edited to say: I'm a complete idiot. She updated it A MONTH AGO, and I've only just noticed! Hanging my head in shame...