August 1st, 2003

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*Gasp* Want. Must...Have!

Cannot believe how many awesomely talented icon-makers there are in the LJ community. isabellecs has some wonderful Love Story-inspired icons up for grabs in her journal, but the minute I clapped eyes on this one by sinecure, I just knew I had to steal it. Isn't it beautiful?

Mick dropped by unexpectedly last night. He's going camping with a few mates of his this weekend and hoped I could lend him some of my stuff. Of course, I could. We sat up talking till almost midnight; he only just made the last bus home.
I think I'm justifiably proud of my nephew Mick; he seems to be growing into quite a responsible, level-headed, feet planted firmly on the ground kind of guy. He's gonna be 15 next week Saturday, but already he knows exactly what he wants to be doing with his life. After the holidays, he's going to go to catering college, then he's going to travel and work abroad (he wants to go to the Far East), and when he comes back he wants to open a restaurant. He's taken a Saturday job and the money he earns there will go into a special savings account to enable him to make his way to Japan in 3 or 4 years time.
When he lived with me for a couple of months a year and a half ago, I despaired of him sometimes. Only 13, but what havoc he could cause! Staying out way past the time I told him to be in, not phoning to say where he was or who he was with, lying, talking back, bunking off school so often I was called in to the dean's office at least once a week; and once actually getting taken in by the police for trespassing on a building site...whenever my mobile rang, I'd have a small heart attack, wondering what he'd done now...and yesterday I looked at him and thought, 'I can't believe how much you've changed - and I can't believe how happy I am that you have'. I also couldn't help but notice how handsome he's going to be. He's gonna break some hearts soon.

Anyway, we agreed that next time when System Of A Down play in the vicinity, we're going. Apparently, I didn't embarrass him at the Marilyn Manson gig earlier.
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gamiila sig #2

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Oh, and I thought of a #100 to add to my List of Things to Know about Me; I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner:

100. I'm a shopaholic. My motto: I buy, therefore I am.