September 2nd, 2003

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I hate coming in in the morning and finding out that my Outlook's completely fucked up. Apparently, and for no discernible reason, it's suddenly decided there's a major problem with it's .pst (whatever that is) and now it won't send and/or receive anything. I could have coped with this, if I hadn't hit on the bloody brilliant idea of seeking our helpdesk's assistance. Why do we employ these people? They're no bloody help at all, and that's as per bloody usual. Am I what? CPQ? Do I have an EMEA-account? What server am I on? Escher, Giotto, or...? How the fuck should I know? All I know is, it worked yesterday. Do I regularly run a scan on my .pst? Was I supposed to? And why, in all the years I've been here, has no one ever bothered to tell me so if I was? ::grumble grumble:: Jumped up little turd, I strongly suspect he's just trying to cover up for the fact that he hasn't a clue what's going on either, but is too fucking arrogant to admit it; and all his unhelpful comments have only succeeded in pissing me off more.

Tell you what else pisses me off. Unsolicited mail. Spam. Pop-up ads. And those fucking wankers who call around dinner time trying to sell me insurance policies, credit cards, newspapers, encyclopedias...and then when I put the phone down have the nerve to call right back and tell me that I have no manners! Flipping heck, if I wanted an encyclopedia, aren't I perfectly capable of going out and buying one? Aren't I?

And I hate my new keyboard, too. It's too bloody sensitive and it keeps missing out on the letters I type. It can't keep up with the speed with which I type and it makes me look as if I can't spell.

...or shagged to go over what I've written before hitting the Post-button, which is probably nearer the truth...
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This day sucks

I'm slightly calmer now, but still annoyed. My e-mail's still not working; i.e., I can receive, but I can't send, which is a bloody nuisance; my minions are being contrary and difficult; I'll be stuck in meetings for the next 3 hours (oh joy); lunch consisted of a biccie and a cup of cold coffee; and to top it all off, I hear JM's come out with this favourite line of his again at DragonCon:

"To the ladies: If a guy is mean to the world, he will be mean to you."

Apart from the fact that this observation is so blatantly obvious there's no need for making it that I can see, I'd like to know: just when was Spike ever mean to the world? He's frigging helped save it a half dozen times!