September 19th, 2003

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Look at me - I'm drabbling!

"How's that cramp, Spike?"

I had a hard time keeping the shock and surprise out of my voice as I answered. I'm not sure I managed.

"How's that cramp?" This from the bird that wouldn't say boo; meek, mild-mannered Miss Maclay?

I look at her and I realise, I'd never really looked or seen before. Her shy demeanor, her habit of hiding behind her hair - an effective smokescreen, that. Allowing her to work steadily, unobtrusively, towards her goal of letting the light in, making it reach the farthest corners. This girl is anything but weak; she's strong, made of steel, and observant. She finds her strength within her heart, with which she loves, without judgeing, without fear. And with a profound sense of humour.

"How's that cramp, Spike?"
I think it may just be starting up again -- for you, pet.