November 20th, 2003

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I'm a Bear of Very Little Brain, apparently

You are Pooh Bear.
Indulgence is not a bad word as far as you're
concerned, your confidence in being yourself is
what matters more than all that.
The most loyal of friends and always good fun to be
around, everyone needs someone like you in
their life.

Which Pooh character are you?
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Gakked this from bogwitch - hmmm, I never thought of myself as a Pooh Bear (Eeyore's always been my favourite), but I can't quibble with the outcome...or I could, but I don't want to. Everyone needs someone like me in their lives! I'm positively glowing.
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News flash

Michael Jackson's home has been raided earlier this morning... they found Class A drugs in the kitchen, Class B drugs in the bathroom, and Class 4c in the bedroom......
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More museum chat, and 'The Mother'

Over the last couple of days, we'd heard and read a lot about Roger Michell's new film The Mother (screenplay by Hanif Kureishi), which intrigued us greatly, and so we decided to see for ourselves whether it was worth all the raving reviews in the media that Saturday night.

But first, I still had two more exhibitions I wanted to see, and I was lucky in that they were in two adjoining (or almost) museums, one my absolute favourite: the V&A. It's like the British Museum in that there's always something worth looking at and however many times you visit, you can never get enough of wandering through its vast expanse; but this time I specifically wanted to take in the Gothic: Art for England 1400-1547-exhibition. I got there early, and could view the objects at my leisure without having to look over anyone else's shoulder, which was quite a departure from the norm for me.

After the exhibition I just wandered through the rest of the museum, looking in on the Non-European Cultures and Ancient Near Eastern collections, and had lunch in the museum restaurant. On leaving, I was approached by a West-Indian lady who wondered if she could ask me a couple of questions about my experience of the V&A, and being in the kind of good and helpful mood that I was, I proceeded to give her a glowing report. Her questionnaire, however, took forever to fill out!

Next stop was the Science Museum, for the Lord of the Rings-exhibition. Unfortunately, it turned out to be time slot operated; and the only time slot still available for that date was 16:30, which would make it impossible for me to get back, get changed, and go to the pictures with Anneke. There was nothing for it but to give it a miss. But it's still going to be running for a month or two yet, so who knows? I may get to see it at a later date.

I now decided I needed a Boots' and some band-aids, fast...I was going to pierce these blisters and I was going to do it now. I was convinced I knew where there were two in the vicinity, but the one I'd been in on Brampton Rd 1 1/2-2 years ago was gone, replaced by a new apartment building; and the one I'd been in on Sloane St even longer ago couldn't be found either. So I just left it and went window shopping in and around Knightsbridge instead. The Kenzo shop's still there, but I couldn't see whether the same could be said for the snooty sales lady that refused to ring up my sale several years ago (think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) unless I first go across the road and get cold hard cash from the bank...which I did, and showed it to her, and then took it straight to the Pied-a-Terre next door to buy a pair of ridiculously expensive boots with, then came back and showed those to her too. The nerve of that woman! She may have been working in Sloane St, but at the end of the day, she was still only a f*cking shop assistant...
btw, I wasn't aware that the boots that I bought were ridiculously expensive. I was so upset, I couldn't do the sums in my head...Not that I'm actually very good at that sort of thing even when I'm not upset or angry...

Jigsaw, Monsoon, Hobbs all proved a disappointment this time, so it was fairly easy to stick to my resolve and not. buy. anything. although there was a pair of trousers in Benetton I quite liked...but then reminded myself that I could get those back in The Hague as well and didn't need to come all the way to London for them.

The Harrods Food Halls were a nightmare. I'd popped in for a plate of oysters, but found I couldn't move a muscle in the throng, and gave up after 5 minutes. I fought my way back out, noticing in the process that there's a Krispy Kreme there now, in front of which people were queueing up three rows deep. Having gained the pavement again, I breathed a sigh of relief, then turned around and went back to Edgware, where I finally got my band-aids.

Back at the house, shabbos had ended; and after my bit of emergency first aid and a quick meal, Anneke and I got into her new blue and silver Smart and drove off to catch the movie at the Swiss Cottage Odeon. We made it there just in time, and settled down to watch this brilliant and shocking slice of modern metropolitan life...only, we quickly discovered that it was neither brilliant nor shocking nor very thought-provoking or even a really good film. I mean, it was OK. The acting, esp. that by Anne Reid, was very good, the photography or cinematography or whatever was very good, and the first 20 minutes or so of it was good...but then it just sort of sagged. By the end, you couldn't care less what happens to any of these characters. The mother is a cool and selfish cucumber, the daughter is a freaking nutcase and the rest of the characters are just very very flat.

We got back into the car, went home, and went to bed.