November 22nd, 2003

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Odds and ends

The next morning, Arina came to pick us up and drive us to the airport -- we made good time and got there around noon. The place was swamped with security and police armed with some serious looking guns. All to do with Bush's visit, although I wasn't aware that he'd chosen to land at Luton ;-)...We checked in and then spent the next 40 minutes duty free shopping. Apart from the usual cosmetics and perfumes, I picked up a floppy hat from Accessorize and a book detailing the medical history/pathology of the British kings and queens from Harold Godwinsson to George VI...nice and morbid! Of course, I already knew that Edward II died from the insertion of a red-hot poker up his bum, but I hadn't really thought about the method required to get that poker there, and what it did to his rectum.

At Schiphol, Anneke and I went our separate ways. The cats were beside themselves with joy when I crossed my own threshold again, and I soon felt right at home.

Went back to work the next day, and from that moment on it was the same old, same old...Holland beat Scotland 6-0 in the play-offs, which means football mania will hit again next summer, Wednesday's anti-Bush rally brought a record 70,000 protesters to London on a weekday, and two more bombs exploded in Istanbul. Saturday's bombings had left us reeling when we were informed that they had claimed the life of a friend of one of Bobby's business partners' sister; this just made everything worse. I spent some time in Istanbul back in 1986; I can't imagine what devastation the bombings have created.

On a cheerier note, if there's one film you're going to see this Christmas, make it Love Actually. I went to see it yesterday and I have never laughed so loud. It's the ultimate feel good-movie this year, and the cast is awesome. When I woke up this morning, I was still smiling...