December 17th, 2003


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I knew Caroline was in The Netherlands this week, and would be staying at Mark's; but yesterday, I found her on my doorstep. Turns out Mark and his husband have been fighting and flinging the dinner plates at each other's heads incessantly, and after 3 days of this, their guest scampered. Straight to mine, and she's going to stay until Sunday.

I don't mind having her, but I'm appalled to find how ill-prepared I am for unexpected guests. Nothing in the fridge but half a tin of Spam that I may have opened and put back 6 months ago; 2 eggs and some pineapple juice. Toothpaste stains on the mirror over the washstand. Shoes and stacks of BtVS-fanfic everywhere. And a cat with a bladder infection that sits down and leaves a bloody trail on every available surface every two minutes.

I'm a pig. I really am. But pigs are smart animals so now I've got me a cunning plan: I'll ask her to meet me at the station tonight and then invite her to the movies. Unfortunately, the midnight marathon showing of The Lord of the Ring-trilogy is booked solid, but I'm hoping Master and Commander will keep her occupied enough to forget about my shortcomings as a hostess. The only flaw in my plan is, she's got all day and daylight to see what a terrible housewife I am...

And if I hear Noddy Holder shout It's Chriiiiistmaaass! one more time, I'm going to...
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Fuck! Fuck! Fuckity fuck!

Caroline's just called. She's gone and lost me my cat.

She went out and the cat must have slipped out with her. When she came back and saw there was only the one cat in the flat, she went right out again and got some kitty snacks. The way she tells it she's been prowling through people's front gardens, shaking her kitty snack box and going "Pusspusspuss" for hours.

So we won't be going to the pictures tonight. We'll be stretched out on our bellies on the cold wet pavement looking under cars for Clio.
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Jobsworth says I can't, but I'm taking time off tomorrow to take Leila to the vet's. I'm not letting her suffer for days with struvite stones just because my manager (wanker!) thinks my time would be better spent worrying about her here.

Some people just don't know what it means to have a cat or more in your life.
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