January 12th, 2004



I dropped Leila off at the vet's this morning - apparently, it's not enough that the poor dear has to stick to a special diet from now on; according to the vet she also, badly, needs to have her teeth cleaned. And I feel bad about not being able to pick her up in 10 minutes, but having to leave her there for another couple of hours until I can get away from the office, if I can get away, an hour early.

She's such a sweet cat, even-tempered and affectionate, and just a little stupid (but endearingly so); big and black and cuddly. She never strays more than 3 paces away from me, and has this exasperating habit of licking my eyelids if she gets the chance. She means well, but it bloody hurts!

Come Good Friday, she'll have been with me three years, and in those three years, I'll have had to take her to the vet's on no less than 7 occasions. She's costing me a fortune, but I wouldn't want to be without her ever. She's my moggie.
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Counting the hours...

...until I can go home to The Hague. Leila's come through her ordeal unscathed, but is making a nuisance of herself in recovery; or so the vet's assistant laughingly informed me.

Oh well...a meme, this time gakked from obsessedmuch

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And out of this list of films, All the President's Men was the first one I ever went to see in a cinema on my own; and The Birds was the one that gave me nightmares for years...and I'm still uneasy around birds!
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