January 26th, 2004

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Excuse me while I blow my own trumpet

Taught my first ever yoga class yesterday. Thankfully only 8 people turned up, not counting myself and my two teachers; but I still went way over the allotted time and spent more than 3 hours explaining and correcting. Felt good, though.

I felt quite nervous before it came time to begin the class, but it soon passed until halfway through the meditation session, there was nothing left that might have held me back. I had decided to concentrate on asanas that are meant to have an effect on the anahata chakra, so after the more or less requisite tadasana* and suryanamaskar*, we proceeded with kapotasana*, bhujangasana*, simhagarjanasana* and finished with bhekasana*, a personal favourite of mine. Afterwards, my trainers had a few things to say, but on the whole they were happy with what I'd shown them, and so I've been on a sort of high all day today!

I don't know if I ever want to teach yoga professionally or semi-professionally; it's just that taking part in this teacher training programme enables me to learn more about yoga myself. There's so much more to it than just getting into position, and I find that without a proper understanding of the whole I will never progress beyond a certain level. It was the same years ago when I took up fencing -- I enjoyed it and wanted to be the best I could be, not because of some inate competitiveness (I couldn't care less whether I won medals or not, and fencing competitions? Dead boring) but because I like having a sense of mastery of the art. When I overheard my maître describe me as 'deadly' on my chosen weapon, the épée, to one of his colleagues once, I didn't think he could have ever paid me a bigger compliment...although now, I'm not sure whether he meant it as such!

* = mountain; salutation to the sun; seated pigeon; cobra; lion, and frog postures
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