March 18th, 2004

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A rose with any name...

First off, eliade has updated her Buffy Season Noir series, so get thee hence and start reading!

Secondly, I thought I'd participate in the name game that everyone else on LJ has already done to death, so

- if you call me Gamiila, you are either someone I met on the 'Net, or my Bedouin acquaintances who coined the nickname first;

- if you call me Meryem, you and I have met at Beyazit University in Istanbul;

- if you call me Hedders, you went to Leicester University with me;

- if you call me Eddi, we were in Italy together;

- if you call me Martijntje,Tijn, or Heppipep, you are my mother in an extremely good mood, or you are my mother and you want something;

- if you call me Hepie, we went to school together and I don't like you very much;

- if you call me Hedy, either we went to school together, or you are my sister;

- if you call me Hedwig, either we were at uni together, or you work with me;

- if you call me Habibti, you are my ex;

- if you call me Paardevijgje, you are my father and can expect to get an angry look (what other parent uses 'horse droppings' as a term of endearment?);

- if you call me Mata Krandjang, you are my aunties and you want something, or you are in an extremely good mood;

- if you call me HedyWuijk or Fijne Vrouw, you are my best friend Pee;

- if you call me Steunbeer, you are my other best friend Nicole;

- if you call me Meow, you are my cats and you want feeding or your belly rubbed.
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