April 10th, 2004

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This was the week that was

At a friend's dinner party yesterday, I met a woman who had been an economic advisor on Gerald Ford's White House staff. She had quite a few interesting stories to tell and so the evening progressed quite pleasantly. After having spent the major part of her life in Washington, D.C. she was now in the process of buying an apartment in New York; which means I may be bumping in to her again sooner rather than later.

Because it's almost June, when I'll be flying to the Big Apple, pay a lightning visit to Pennsylvania for MR2004, and then spend an undoubtedly lovely week in the city that Frank Sinatra was adamant never sleeps -- and which I seem to remember from my last visit there, at the very least does tend to stay up late. I've already started to plan what things to pack (which shoes to bring), but I've hit a snag: instead of losing weight, as was my intention, I seem to have gained some. A realisation that has sent me to the deepest dungeon of despair. How can I show my face in one of the most fashionable cities on earth when my body has suddenly become this...this blob? And how do I get it to shrink back into manageable proportions within the next few weeks? I need to lose at least one clothes size before I can hold my head up high again!

My week off from work has flown by. I had planned to do a lot of odd jobs that had been waiting around forever (like the ironing), but this morning I had to admit to myself that most of them still need doing. I simply haven't had the time to do them.
I lost the better part of one day taking my dad to and from hospital where he had to have additional tests done that the urologist insisted on; another talking through mortgage options with my mortgage advisor, who reminded me of the fact that mine's coming up for renewal soon; and countless other things that made my precious dolce far niente-time slip through my fingers entirely. So, am I rested? No, not really. But I did manage to read and finish a book (Shining Hero, by Sara Banerji, about the rivalry between two brothers in India; it's a re-working of part of the Mahabharata really, one of my favourite epic stories in the world), which I hadn't been able to in a long time, distracted as I've been with fanfic lately.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I haven't been pining for the Internet during this time off at all, as well as by the subtle reminders that that same Internet has enriched my life tremendously over recent years, by bringing me into contact with so many wonderful people whose kindness and thoughtfulness amazes and overwhelms me sometimes. This week saw the delivery of the latest Buffy fanzine, courtesy of julchek; and bogwitch sent me a Ladytron CD, which I like...very much. So thank you, both of you!

In the end, I gave in to my curiosity and did go to see The Passion of the Christ. After all the hype surrounding it, it turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax to me. First of all, I couldn't detect any blatant anti-semitism in it. Secondly, although it's beautifully shot, well-acted, and the costumes deserve special mention, when you discount all that, what are you left with? A quaint enough film spoken entirely in Aramaic and a bit of Latin, that doesn't tell you anything.
There's a lot of stageblood being spilt, but in the end I don't think it does all that much to promote Christianity or Christian ideals. When I told my Jewish movie buff friend, who said she wanted to go because she hoped it would help her to find out and understand more about Christianity, I told her not to bother.

Oh, and I nearly forgot: I delivered my first lecture for the women's network, to great critical acclaim. Or at least, they seemed to appreciate it. Now I've got to work on the next one...
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