April 21st, 2004

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Looks like I'll be missing y'all soon...

Remember last Friday I mentioned that my GP had diagnosed RSI-type complaints in my arm? Well, this morning I had an appointment with the company ergonomical advisor. This means we checked my work environment and found it couldn't be improved upon. But after I described the exact nature of my complaints to her, she was concerned enough to recommend I take up at least 2 weeks sick leave as of NOW. She will make this recommendation to the company doctor as well, who generally tends to agree with her.

However, when I informed Jobsworth of this, he persuaded me to serve out the week. Actually, being the perfect prat that he is, he said he wouldn't accept my taking time off before he received written confirmation of the diagnosis by our company doctor -- thereby breaking Dutch employment law. But, as I could use at least a day to print out all the fic I'll need to comfortably fill my period of enforced rest with, I decided not to make a big deal out of his transgression and promised to stay on until the end of the week. But when I rang the company doctor, he insisted I take time off immediately and said he would check up on me by calling me on my home telephone number before the week is out. So, I'll forward my landline to my mobile tomorrow, come in and do the hand-over; and then I may or may not call in sick on Friday.

And, I'll have my first physiotherapy session on Monday. To my surprise, Remco's first words were "Of course I remember you!" ...hmmm, I guess I left that treadmill more broken than I thought all those years ago...

God, but this tachograph thingy she's had me install on my PC is annoying! Right now it tells me I should 'hang my head loose, close my eyes and dream of something nice for the next 15 seconds'. I kid you not, that is exactly what it says! (It's locked down all my other programmes to force me to take a 5 minute break, but thankfully it's left my LJ unaffected).
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