August 10th, 2004

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A little ray of sunshine, I'm not

And I began the day in such a good mood, too. I danced into the office, literally. My colleagues were amazed (those that were here already), and not a little concerned. But I couldn't help it -- the sun was shining, I've only 4 more days to go before the weekend, and they were playing Earth, Wind & Fire on the bus.

That was then, though -- this is several hours later. Work isn't progressing as it should, and I've been stuck dealing with people nagging me on the phone on the one hand, and showing my new assistant Sophie the ropes on the other. Which is all very well and good and necessary, I suppose, but really I just want to get on with it! I do have a deadline to beat, after all.

Vis-à-vis my new assistant: she arrived yesterday, all shiny and brand spankin' new. She's nice, and French. I hope she'll also prove to be accurate, efficient and quick to pick up on what needs to be done.

So in order to quiet my misgivings and pick myself up mentally, I give myself a present: 12 more months of LJ + extra user pics. And am stumped when it comes to picking 50 of the latter.
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