August 17th, 2004

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I've been trying to get hold of Showmasters, i.e. the people that are organising the party in the MK Dons Stadium in October where CoRo are scheduled to appear, by phone and e-mail, but all to no avail, since Friday. Finally, a message was sent out yesterday to say that they'd all been away to the NEC in Birmingham for some reason, and therefore had been incommunicado from the very day tickets went on sale to the general public. They said they'd be in touch with everyone that had left messages 'maybe later today, but certainly by tomorrow'. Guess what? It's now tomorrow and I still haven't been contacted. Moreover, they're still on ansaphone!


Hi there,

I can indeed confirm that your tickets are booked, and we should have them out to you in the next 3 weeks.

Look forward to seeing you at Collectormania.

All the best

Mark Woollard
Showmasters Ltd

CoRo, here I come! Now all I need, is to book a flight...what airport is handiest for Milton Keynes?